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We channel Universe to guide you back to your most authentic state of being and therefore the most enriched version of yourself. We are able to translate your Soul’s messages and relay to you what your biggest gifts and talents are to fully define your Soul’s Purpose. A happier you, means a happier planet. Globally, we offer individual as well as group readings and webinars. Furthermore, we host retreats and public events.

1 hour | Online | 250 Euro / Dollar

We offer 1:1 psychic readings where we channel guiding messages from your soul and the soul’s of other energies (people, animals) around you and deceased loved ones in regards to your life purpose & your true soul’s identity. These messages are to guide in living a more enriched life that is better matched with your soul.

Rachelle and Saskia do not involve their own opinion during the session, they merely channel the information which Universe likes to relay to you and through their background as psychologists, are able to funnel this information into coherent, clear and guiding messages.

We make sure that all information is relayed in a to the point, step by step and relatable manner so you actually feel like you have the tools to pursue a life that is a closer fit to who you truly are in your core and would like to live out.

Our 1:1 sessions are mainly being provided by Rachelle, however depending on what is being felt in the energy, Saskia will occasionally offer them as well.

We kindly ask you to take out enough time before the session to open up your energy space by going inward. This can be done
through meditation, a moment of stillness, or however you think is best.

Your booking is confirmed, but we will always channel Universe prior to the session to see if it’s the right time for your soul to receive the information provided by Universe. In that case, we will contact you to discuss a beter timing suited to your soul.

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1 hour | Face to Face | 250 Euro / Dollar

Saskia guides Shamanic Transformation Journeys. Together with your higher Self and helping spirits she will guide you towards your deepest pain that is preventing you from living the life of your dreams.
In these sessions, you will become aware of the true pain that is behind the pain you are currently experiencing in life- both physically as well as mentally and emotionally. These important subtitles coming from Universe will help you better understand why the pain is here and how it is facilitating your inner growth.

The Shamanic rituals and the magic that are present is this session will enable personal transformation that help you towards living a more enriched, purpose driven life.

Universe will also convey tools to help you integrate the discomfort of pain – that are actually hidden gifts – into your life.

Starting new bookings May 2022

1 hour | Online | 250 Euro / Dollar

Not all pain we experience in this incarnation stem from this life.
During a past life regression we journey ‘back’ to other lives where we allow your soul to show us where he/she has been and what you have experienced. This helps to give insight into your current purpose and soul’s identity and help clear current emotional pain (dissolving karmic knots).

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We regularly host online and offline events and webinars where we channel Universe on specific and current topics. Online, we host webinars (in Dutch and English) and offline we host group events.

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I am Rachelle.

When I was a little girl, I soon realized there was more between heaven & earth. My earliest memory was that of me, in another life.

Through channeling Universe, I have learned that in order for you to live your most enriched life, you must remember who you are in your deepest essence.
Who we are might seem like something we’re all aware of, but unfortunately most of us have lost the connection with our wisest guide - our own soul.
My soul gets to guide you to this place of awareness, by communicating to and with your soul and with the souls around you.
And it’s one big party to do so and watch you blossom.

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Rachelle Jenkens
Saskia Nefkens

I am Saskia.

Since I was young I have known my purpose for being on this planet: to help shift the earth to a higher state of consciousness and to create a new society where people connect with a deeper love and wisdom.

While growing up it wasn’t easy to stay connected with what I sensed and knew deep down. According to my soul this was an inevitable route to gain more trust in listening to and connecting with my soul. I can see now how it worked. It brings me the deepest joy to convey the messages that our soul and Universe are offering to us. I love to help people gain more insight in their soul qualities and purpose, help to heal the pain on this planet and point out the magic that is here, always. Not just the adults, the new age children
have a special place in my heart too. I’m very happy to give their soul a voice when needed.

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Medium Vak School NL 2023

NYAP guides fellow light workers into fully embracing, utilizing and integrating their psychic abilities. Send us an email for more information.

Start: May 11th

Psychic School (ENG)

NYAP guides fellow light workers into fully embracing, utilizing and integrating their psychic abilities. Send us an email for more information.

Start: June 4th

Medium Vak School 2.0 NL

NYAP guides fellow light workers into fully embracing, utilizing and integrating their psychic abilities. Send us an email for more information.

Start: May 23rd

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